Answered By: Michele Ruth
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The Library is pleased to accept gifts of books and other library materials. Such gifts provide valuable additions to our collections and they are much appreciated.

To donate an item please use this form.


The following section will give you some tips on making a donation of books or other printed material to the library. Library staff share the donor’s concern that gift material will actually be used at the library. Therefore, if you are considering donating to the library, we urge you to first contact the Collection Development Librarian. It will often be possible to determine the appropriateness of a proposed gift with a simple telephone call.

The needs of a college library are both varied and specific. Be aware that they exclude some of the items people often wish to donate. However valuable they may be, standard editions of classic works are likely to duplicate our collections. They would be of better use to a public library or charitable organization. Textbooks quickly become outdated as new editions are published. Many items, although theoretically valuable, may be printed on paper too brittle to make them usable. Rare books, scholarly works, or works on out-of-the-way or little-known topics are often a good fit for the library. We are also glad to have new books, and replacements for items missing from our shelves.

Before bringing a donation to the library, please box all materials, and contact the Collection Development Librarian to discuss any special circumstances concerning your donation.

Please note: once your gift enters our processing workflow, we can no longer accommodate an appraiser; therefore, if you are considering a tax deduction and wish to have your collection appraised, you should do so prior to making the donation. Georgetown College’s library does not have a qualified appraiser and may not make appraisals due to legal risks.


Books and other library materials given to the LRC become the property of the Library. The Library will add to its collections all gift material that supports the research and teaching mission of the college. Other gift material may be sold at book sales sponsored by the Library. Any materials which upon receipt are found to be so deteriorated as to make them unfit for either use or sale, will be discarded.

Each gift to the library is acknowledged with a thank you note from the Collection Development Librarian. This note may state the number of donated volumes.


All material gifts to the LRC are considered noncash charitable donations. Persons thinking of donating books to the library often wish to know about the tax status of their gift and are frequently interested in having their gift appraised for tax deduction purposes. The library is itself unable to provide appraisals. Donors should consult their tax advisor in all cases, as the tax code regarding charitable donations is revised frequently. You may also want to take a look at the Internal Revenue Service’s website.


The LRC also welcomes monetary gifts to support its collections. Potential gifts should be referred to the Library Director or the Collection Services Coordinator.


The LRC is pleased to grant requests that names be added to bookplates inserted in donated books (or those purchased with donated funds). These may bear the donor’s name and/or the names of those in whose honor or memory the gift is made.