Answered By: Andrew Adler
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This publication is a guide to the teaching faculty at Georgetown College as they choose information resources for curricular support. It is the responsibility of faculty, with the help of library staff, to comply with copyright laws and to make our best efforts to respect the intellectual property rights of others. We also want to keep in mind a balance between the needs of classes and the needs of individual researchers.

What can be placed on Reserve?

  • Books and media materials such as DVDs and CDs
    • Books and media that belong to an Instructor can be placed on Reserve for more than one semester, but must be renewed every semester unless specified in the original reserve application.
    • Books and media that belong to the Library:
      • Only one copy of an LRC-owned item may be placed on reserve for classes currently in session, and not for more than one complete semester at a time.  If an item is needed for two or more semesters in a row, the reserve may be renewed for up to eight weeks of any given semester.  If an item repeatedly falls into this category, the faculty member should discuss the possibility of the LRC obtaining another copy in order to help maintain fair use.
  • Photocopies or scanned copies can only remain on Reserve for one semester with no renewals
    • Journal articles
      • 1 – 2 articles from a single journal issue
      • A maximum of two copies of the same article
    • Books: 1-2 chapters of a book (no more than 10% of the book)
  • Tests that have been created by the Instructor

What cannot be placed on Reserve?

  • Solutions manuals, standardized tests, course packs, and workbooks
  • Photocopies of entire books; any photocopies (books or articles) previously on Reserve
  • Illegal /pirated / bootlegged works
  • Materials that belong to other libraries or institutions
  • Library staff cannot make photocopies
  • Reference books are already restricted in use and are not placed on Reserve.

What do YOU need to do – and WHEN?

  • Allow at least 2 business days for processing.
    • If the item is reserved via the on-line form or on a Friday, allow AT LEAST 3 business days to process.
    • The beginning of each semester is a busy time so processing Reserves may take up to 4 days.
  • Instructors are responsible for complying with copyright law and any requisite payment to the holder of the copyright.
    • Photocopies must be accompanied by bibliographic information on the source of the copy – also the responsibility of the instructor.
  • The instructor must sign the Reserve form. When an on-line form is submitted, a signed copy of the Reserve form must be on file.
  • Please be sure that Reserve items are available before making an assignment.
  • Instructors should pick up their Reserve items at the end of each semester.
    • Any photocopies not picked up within three (3) weeks of the last Final Exam date will be destroyed.

Information for your students

  • Materials are placed on Reserve so that all students have equal access. If a student consistently or intentionally prevents others from having access to Reserve items by keeping them past the due time, library staff may restrict use pending discussion with the professor.
  • Reserve fines are $.25 per hour overdue. Students should contact the Circulation Supervisor about fines.
  • Please remind students that Reserves must be checked out and returned during library hours.
  • Please indicate clearly to students where information is available
    • On Reserve vs. in a Reference book (students are easily confused by these similar terms)
    • An article in a print periodical vs. a journal article in a database

And finally…

  • Library staff has the right to refuse items for Reserve in consideration of limited space, inability to monitor, or value of an item.
    • Please determine if there might be a better way to distribute information to students before attempting to place an unwieldy or expensive item on Reserve.
  • Whenever possible, materials to be used for Reserves will be purchased by the library.
    • The library is not responsible for damage to or loss of personal items placed on Reserve.
  • The library staff person responsible will make the final decision concerning placement of Reserves.

Thank you for working with the library staff to comply with copyright laws and library policy! Please call with any questions or concerns: Andrew Adler x8405 or Sandy Baird x8410